Diaseptic-30, 1l Diaseptic-30, 100ml Diaseptic-30, 1l drop Diaseptic-30, 250ml spray Diaseptic-30, 50ml

Ready-to-use skin antiseptic

Microbicidal activity against:
  • Gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including agents of tuberculosis and nosocomial infections)
  • Pathogenic fungi (including Candida fungi and dermathophytes)
  • Viruses (including adenoviruses, rotaviruses, enteral and parenteral hepatitis viruses, poliomyelitis, HIV, flu, including H1N1, H5N1, atypical pneumonia, etc.)
  • Options of packages


  • Treatment of hand skin for surgeons and medical personnel participating in surgeries and other intrusive procedures and manipulations
  • Hygienic treatment of hands and skin integuments
  • Disinfection and deoiling of skin in surgical areas before surgical and intrusive procedures, manipulations, injections, punctures, as well as bends of donors’ elbows
  • Treatment of foot skin in order to prevent fungal disease
  • New formula for skin antiseptic effectiveness – reduction of alcohol content thanks to the addition of PHMB
  • Created for frequent usage – contains natural moisturizing and softening components and vitamin E
  • Safe – recommended for use in maternity hospitals, neonatology departments and pediatric wards, including in children at 3 months of age
  • More than 3 hours’ prolonged antibacterial effect
  • Exposure time – from 30 seconds
  • Polyhexametilen biguanide hydrochloride (PHCL) (0,25%), isopropyl alcohol (30%), emollient admixtures, vitamin E

    Diaseptic-30 s

    Universal disinfecting wipes
    Diaseptic-30 s, 60pcs


    Skin antiseptic ready for use
    Diaseptic, 1l


    Antiseptic cleansing agent
    Diasoft-bio, 1l


    Protective hand cream-gel
    Diadem, 250ml gel

    Diaseptic-30 OPK

    Ready-to-use skin-marking antiseptic
    Diaseptic-30 OPK, 1l

    Diaseptic-40 gel

    Ready-to-use skin antiseptic in gel form
    Diaseptic-40 gel , 250ml gel

    Diaseptic-30 dvs

    Ready-to-use universal disinfectant – skin antiseptic
    Diaseptic-30 dvs, 250ml spray
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