Desibox, 1pcs

New concept of professional cleaning and disinfection of surfaces

Optimal system of wipe usage. Wipe dispenser of durable plastic with a dispenser lid. A roll of non-woven wipes for wiping surfaces is paid separately.

Options of packages

Economy, reliability, simplicity of use:

  • Versatility
  • Monitoring of the consumption rate of disinfectant and detergent solutions
  • Optimization of the flow of wipes
  • High-strength materials and reusability
  • Protection against evaporation and contamination
  • A system for multiple applications with a possibility of marking
  • Makes it possible to minimize the quantity of disinfectant or detergent solution used
  • Guarantee of safe use without spillage, evaporation and contamination of the working disinfectant solution
  • Closed system with a tight-fitting lid and reliable valve dispenser for wipes
  • A convenient form of using and dispensing of wipes (non-woven wipes)
  • Wipe dispenser volume - 5 liters
  • Each roll contains 100 wipes
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