Bonextra, 1l

Universal concentrated detergent

  • Excellent cleaning, degreasing and deodorizing properties
  • Mixes well with water
  • Concentrated and working solutions are nonflammable, fire-and explosion-proof
  • Working solutions are biodegradable and environmentally safe, and they do not contain corrosive substances or solvents
  • Used in health care facilities:
  •  For washing and cleaning of surfaces of different materials: glass, stone, granite, marble, concrete, ceramic tile, linoleum, PVC, wood, metal, including textile materials, hard and soft floor coverings and others, from various kinds of dirt (organic, inorganic, and complex)
  • For effective cleaning of heavily contaminated surfaces, including fixed contamination
  • Options of packages


  • A concentrated high-performance and cost-effective detergent
  • Substantial savings of detergents in cleaning in hospitals that does not require disinfection of surfaces (stairs, halls, corridors, closets, basements and attics, etc.)
  • Efficient dish washing, both manual and automated
  • Properties of the agent make it possible to combine washing, degreasing and deodorizing of objects
  • Destroys fat, oil and protein contamination superbly
  • Non-corrosive for metal, does not damage surfaces or discolor fabric, and does not destroy adhesive joints
  • The concentrate is used for working water solutions, concentrations 0.25% to 5% depending on the degree of surface contamination (0.025-0.5 L of agent per 10 L of water)
  • Regular (wet) cleaning requires concentrations of 0.25 % to 3.0 % (0.025 – 0.3 L per 10 L of water)
  • Optimal concentration of working solution depends on the degree and nature of the contamination
  • Surfactant complex, functional and technological components

    Bonextra M

    Universal concentrated disinfectant and detergent
    Bonextra M, 1l btl

    Dimax chlorine

    hlorine-containing disinfectant (tablets and granules)
    Dimax chlorine, 1kg 370pills


    Universal concentrated disinfectant
    Diabac, 1l btl


    Ready-to-use alcohol-free express disinfectant
    Bonsolar, 750ml
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